SIX15 solutions is now Refine Your Website

I registered the domain in October 1999, and used it ever since as a place on the web for my business and all things I do with website design.

SIX15 Solutions, LLC has been an official business since early 2003. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with 130+ clients over the years, providing a variety of website design and management services.

I always thought that SIX15 was a cool name (heck, this was 1999 after all). But when I was in conversations with people at networking events and they asked what I do or where I work, and I said SIX15. They’d say what is that? It didn’t bug me at first, but over the years I thought about it more and more.

Lately I’ve been doing more and more redesigning than designing. More recovery and ongoing management. And I started referring to it as “refining.” Refining a site for better performance, security, or conversions.

It’s 2017, after all, and most businesses already have a website. But they most likely either ignore it or are frustrated with it for various reasons.

So I thought about how I could better position myself and my company’s offering in that space. I already owned the domain and had it pointed to

So I started there: SIX15 is now Refine Your Website. And who knows, I may refine my own business positioning down even further by targeting a specific market vertical.

But for now, it’s “Hello World!” again. Let’s work together.

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