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What happens next?

Upon initial contact, you will receive an email from me with a few qualifying questions. Nothing major, just getting some specifics before we take the time to chat. Once I hear back from you, I will contact you to discuss your management requirements.

Thirty-minute Consultation

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A few things you should know first:

  1. All website support plans are billed on the first of every month, and your first bill will be prorated accordingly.
  2. All invoices are due upon receipt and are considered late after 7 days. A 2% late fee will be applied to any outstanding balance after 30 days.
  3. You will receive a Master Services Agreement and a Statement of Work specific to your website support needs upon signup.
  4. Each website support plan is for one website. If you have more than one website needing support, a separate plan is needed for each.
  5. Refine Your Website has a standard process, but it’s not written in stone. Each engagement is unique, and I figure out the most valuable thing I can deliver to you first, and once that’s done we’ll take the next step.
  6. You’ll be talking directly to me. No middle-men, and no off-shore design team. That said, you’ll hear from me often, because a 30-minute meeting is cheaper than 20 hours of work wasted because there was a misunderstanding.
  7. I’ll work hard, but rest just as hard. Weekends and evenings give everyone time to think, rest, and recharge, which means a higher quality solution to your project.
  8. I have fun. I think you will too.

Still have Questions? No problem! Email me any time. If after talking about your requirements I cannot help you, I will do my best to refer you to those that can. It’s all about good karma.