The WordPress PlugIns I Recommend

If I am redesigning my site, setting up a new site for a client, or inheriting a site from a new client for ongoing management, there are a select few WordPress Plugins that are my go-to for performance, security and functionality. No matter the size of website, if you have multiple pages and multiple menus, … Read moreThe WordPress PlugIns I Recommend

Everyone has an opinion on freemium. Here’s mine.

Everyone has an opinion on freemium. Here’s mine.

Full Price or Free. That’s the advice I’ve heard about billing for client work. Working for family, friends, or a non-profit? Full Price or Free, no “discounted billing”. When you discount your full-price invoice, you’re cheating yourself, and cheapening our industry. I have done plenty of work for charity organizations in the past, and given them … Read moreEveryone has an opinion on freemium. Here’s mine.

Are commercial plugins worth it? Why?

wordpress premium and commercial plugins

The WordPress content management tool is licensed under the GPL, which means it’s open source, which means it is free to download, install, and use so long as you follow the guidelines of the GPL (not going to get into that here!). Directly related is the enormous collection of WordPress plugins that provide untold amounts … Read moreAre commercial plugins worth it? Why?

Website Development Project Pricing: Insight

If you’re a prospective client of SIX15 solutions for website design/development services and are concerned about money, please understand that while I am not out to gouge you on budget, you have to spend money to make money. My time is valuable, just like yours. I am trying to make a living by doing what … Read moreWebsite Development Project Pricing: Insight