Do These Things If You Want Your Visitors To Leave

It’s 2017, so I’m assuming your business has a website in some form or another. But is that website helping your business or hurting it? Do you know? Well, if your website has images that won’t load, or take a long time to load, you’re frustrating your visitors. It’s been said that close to 40% […]

How I Think About Project Management

Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. If you as my client have to ask me for a status report or an update in the project, then I have failed you. When I start a new client project, I have a list of tasks already defined — based on project type — in a template that I kick off […]

The 4 Things to Focus on for Your Website

So you just launched your new website. Great! Now what?You may think you’re done. You’d be wrong. There are four things you should regularly focus on (or have someone do it for you) for your website in order to keep it happy and healthy — making sure it accurately and effectively represents you and your […]

How Much Does That Free WordPress Website Cost?

So most people know that the WordPress blogging software, or Content Management system, is free to download and use. And in fact WordPress-powered websites make up close to 20% of all websites currently on the Internet. Impressive. It is popular because of its easy learning curve and the fact that, well, it’s free. But is […]

Before You Pass on a Website, Read This

If you find yourself asking, “Do I even need a website?” The answer, in a word, is “Yes”. Sorry, but it is 2011. Your customers use the World Wide Web every day, and most probably have websites of their own. It’s where people expect to find you nowadays. Don’t rely on traditional forms of advertising, […]

Website Development Project Pricing: Insight

If you’re a prospective client of SIX15 solutions for website design/development services and are concerned about money, please understand that while I am not out to gouge you on budget, you have to spend money to make money. My time is valuable, just like yours. I am trying to make a living by doing what […]