Don’t Email Just Another Newsletter

Pia Silva recently published an excellent article on Forbes regarding company email newsletters, and how most of them simply suck. Despite the harshness of the article, she points out that email marketing STILL beats social media for ROI on customer outreach. Companies make the mistake of bundling up a bunch of links, or about us […]

Is Cold Emailing Legal?

I was recently asked by a colleague if buying email addresses from a third party was legal and/or ethical to do when trying to grow an list for email campaigns. She has a client that is targeting a specific market vertical, and rather than trying other avenues for growing their email subscriber list, they found […]

The Eleven Commandments of E-mail

I’m not sure who originally wrote this, so my apologies if it’s you and I didn’t ask to re-post it. Use email only when it’s the most efficient channel for your need. Never print your email. Send nothing over email that must be error-free. Never delete names from your address book. Never forward chain email. […]