WordPress Plugins I Install on Every Business Website I Create

Every WordPress developer has their go-to list of favorite plugins they install on each site they develop. Each has a (and should!) have a singular purpose to solve a specific problem or handle functionality specific to the client’s business need. No plugin should be installed “just because other sites are using it and I want […]

How I Think About Project Management

Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. If you as my client have to ask me for a status report or an update in the project, then I have failed you. When I start a new client project, I have a list of tasks already defined — based on project type — in a template that I kick off […]

Would I ever code something I don’t agree with?

I have been asked if I would ever take on a client that had different political, religious, or ethical views from my own. While that is a loaded question and almost too taboo to talk about, I don’t mind diving into the subject. My answer is in fact I have already done so, in more […]

Wix Being Taught in High School Web Design Classes? Dear God, No

So if you didn’t already know, I volunteer some time and advice to the local Oxford School District’s Information Technology Advisory Board. It is a collection of local business owners in the IT related industry that meet semi-annually with faculty and students from Oxford High School. The district is looking to us for guidance in […]

The 4 Things to Focus on for Your Website

So you just launched your new website. Great! Now what?You may think you’re done. You’d be wrong. There are four things you should regularly focus on (or have someone do it for you) for your website in order to keep it happy and healthy — making sure it accurately and effectively represents you and your […]

Avoid These WordPress Website Mistakes

If your website is powered by WordPress (and honestly, why wouldn’t it be?), then there are some important security considerations you have to take in order to make sure your website is hack-proof. The first is hosting. You know then cliche, “you get what you pay for”. Well, that especially applies to website hosting companies. […]

Your Website Visitors Need to See These Things On Your Website

Yes, there are literally thousands of great looking website designs available for purchase and download from places like Themeforest.net. You can have one of these designs up and running for your business, or better yet have one customized for your market, in a few weeks or less. However, the catch is you’re relying on the […]

Does Your Website Pass The Test?

website audit checklist

Having a website is not enough these days. You must keep an eye on it’s performance and regularly check to see if it’s giving you the return on investment you’re expecting. There are four areas to focus on to make sure your site is set up to optimal conversions: Offer Call to Action Form Trust Visual Hierarchy […]

Everyone has an opinion on freemium. Here’s mine.

Everyone has an opinion on freemium. Here’s mine.

Full Price or Free. That’s the advice I’ve heard about billing for client work. Working for family, friends, or a non-profit? Full Price or Free, no “discounted billing”. When you discount your full-price invoice, you’re cheating yourself, and cheapening our industry. I have done plenty of work for charity organizations in the past, and given them […]

You Can Save Money By Doing Yourself, But I Wouldn't Recommend It

I grow tired of the premise that the budget for a business website of any size should be less than $3,000. There are too many fellow developers out there that may be good at what they do but have no business sense. I can say this because I used to be like that a few […]