Don’t Email Just Another Newsletter

Pia Silva recently published an excellent article on Forbes regarding company email newsletters, and how most of them simply suck. Despite the harshness of the article, she points out that email marketing STILL beats social media for ROI on customer outreach. Companies make the mistake of bundling up a bunch of links, or about us […]

Comparing Pricing Models

If you’ve ever researched a product, service, or productized service online you may have been presented with one, two or most likely three options on the pricing page of their website. Those options are typically titled something like ‘basic’, ‘pro’, ‘advanced’, or ‘bronze’, ‘silver’, ‘gold’. Additionally, those options list out what’s included for that option, […]

Do These Things If You Want Your Visitors To Leave

It’s 2017, so I’m assuming your business has a website in some form or another. But is that website helping your business or hurting it? Do you know? Well, if your website has images that won’t load, or take a long time to load, you’re frustrating your visitors. It’s been said that close to 40% […]

Is Cold Emailing Legal?

I was recently asked by a colleague if buying email addresses from a third party was legal and/or ethical to do when trying to grow an list for email campaigns. She has a client that is targeting a specific market vertical, and rather than trying other avenues for growing their email subscriber list, they found […]

Let’s Work Together

Refine Your Site is open for business

Websites should work and be frustration-free. Refine Your Website challenges the typical web design experience by having a proven process. One that results in a website for your business that is easy to use, functional, and effective. Remember the three R’s from your childhood? “Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic”: Well, in my world, here’s what it […]

Here’s the Part of Being an Entrepreneur That No One Tells You About

Say you love working with WordPress, or love working with Squarespace, or love working with Shopify. Pick a technology platform; it doesn’t really matter. Being an expert in your craft does not make you an entrepreneur. As a kid I loved playing with Lego bricks. The bigger the Lego set, the better. I’d make entire […]

Creating and Using My Own Baseline Theme? Not Anymore

A few years ago, when my WordPress-based website firm was ramping up business I found myself recreating the same template files over and over. Starting with the same base and customizing as needed for the specific client need. After a short while, I discovered Foundation by Zurb, a mobile-first HTML framework that is easily modified […]

I Don't Offer Discount Codes or Promotional Pricing. On Purpose.

When I first starting making websites for clients, I would take on almost any type of project. And like most web designers, I was under charging and not realizing it. People in our industry tend to be tech focused first and not business focused. We don’t fully understand the proper way to run businesses, to […]

A Few Quick Lessons Learned From You, The Customer

I’d like to think that with each new successful website project, whether it’s for an existing client or a new client, I learned something new. The key of course is to take that new knowledge and merge it into my process, and better yet form new habits for continual improvement. One lesson I am always […]

Your Website Doesn't Have To Be Beautiful To Be Effective

SIX15 aims to make websites that are frustration-free. And by that I mean not frustrating the visitor with a site that loads slow, or has text too small to read on a mobile device, or has a link to a huge PDF file for a menu. And frustration-free for the website admin — allowing for […]